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5 ways you can help your partner with credit issues


Dating someone with credit issues? Don’t give up so quickly on your partner.

Here are 5 ways to help your partner with credit issues.
1. Talk about it. When dating someone ask about credit and what is their score. This is a great conversation to have after you realize you really like someone.
2. Credit Monitoring. Both sign up for credit monitoring and see where you can help each other. Focus on late payments, collections, judgements. This is good if you are planning to purchase a home or start a business together.
3.  Responsiblity. If you can, help your partner focus on being responsible. Set up reminders for bills, or even auto pay car note etc.
4. Save money. Save money together, spend more time together. Once you figure out how much debt you guys have together, work on ways to pay it down and still have fun. Netflix and chill is always an option verses going out to movie and dinner.
5. Financial goals. Have the same financial goals in mind. Once you are both on the same path, together you can achieve the same goals.