10 reasons why 3 credit bureau monitoring with credit scores is important for personal and business credit

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Credit Monitoring is a very big part to personal and business credit. It will be very hard to know whats on your credit report if you never look at it.

I would highly recommend having a 3 credit bureau monitoring with credit scores report that is easy to understand and easy to access. Yes there are a lot of FREE services out that can give you your reports. But honestly, being able to see the all reports side by side is a GOD send!

The most important question everyone wants to know…. WHATS YOUR SCORE? Well we all know the credit bureaus report differently and I have never seem a credit report that has all the scores the same… HAVE YOU?

Here I am going to list 10 reasons why 3 credit bureau monitoring with credit scores are important for personal and business credit.

  1. Verify personal information is correct. Check the name address, current employer etc. It may be right on one credit, and wrong on the other. It’s your job to review and send correct information when you see its incorrect. Having the reports side by side will make it easier to view errors.
  2. Check each account and make sure it shows the correct status. Open, Closed Late etc. If your account has been sold and charged off, the original creditor amount owed should be zero! They sold it. This is always the biggest oversight and it looks like you owe more than what you actually do.
  3. Inquiries account for 10% of your score. Review with each credit bureau to make sure its not showing any errors.
  4. Know whats on your report before someone else does. Don’t be surprised going to the car dealership and they run your credit and they say DENIED! Having a 3 credit bureau monitoring and credit score service and prevent embarrassment and prepare you to make some changes. Something may show up on one credit bureau and not the other. Know what you have and fix what’s there before applying for a loan.
  5. Self or Professional Credit repair. In order to do credit repair, you should a 3 credit bureau monitoring with credit scores to see exactly what you have going on and this is a great way to monitor changes throughout your journey. Most people work with experienced credit repair specialist and that’s great. I like to send a reminder that you can repair credit on your own and WIN.
  6. You get alerted when you have activity with any credit bureau. You will real time monitoring which can alert you if there is any activity to your account as hacker and scammers are awaiting their next victim. Having 24/7 monitoring will quickly inform you via email whats going on. No surprises here!
  7. Having a 3 credit monitoring bureau with credit scores you do not get penalized for looking at your credit report monthly. This isn’t considered a hard pull or soft pull. You can actually print it out and bring it to a dealership. Although they will still run their own report, they can take a look at this and see what you can qualify for without doing a hard pull.
  8. If you have a business and you are looking for capital, one of the programs we have is Personal Score to help Business. This program includes a free business estimate. We do require a 3 credit monitoring with credit scores and we can determine how much you can qualify for. If you qualify, funding is completed within 30 days! Funding is up to $250k click here for more information.
  9. It can improve overall financial health. It can identify areas that need to be addressed and it can help you stay on track. Doing this can save money, developing better spending habits and save money on lower interest rates.
  10. 3 credit monitoring with credit scores does not break the bank, For a piece of mind is $1.00 to get started with 3 credit monitoring with credit scores. You can cancel anytime. No long term commitment or contracts. You can cancel at anytime.


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