Credit Repair Help: How Repairing Personal Credit Can Help Your Business

Credit Repair Help


We all know what time it is… INCOME TAX TIME. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners that are getting a refund need credit repair help. Getting credit repair help now can help you build your business credit. Once you get the credit repair help you need you will be in a better position to secure the capital you need to grow your business.

Here at Leap21 all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners get the credit repair help they need to grow their business. We cater to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners because we understand that you are too busy working on your business to work on your credit.

Here is a quick Q&A for Credit Repair Help.


  1. Do Credit repair companies really help? The answer is yes. If you sign up with Leap21 we send you a detailed audit, a credit repair strategy and months of unlimited disputes. After the second month we re-evaluate your credit repair state and that will determine if you still require our services. We do not believe in auto-billing because we hear so many people who are not happy with other credit repair services and they continue to debit their bank accounts. Leap21 is the strictly for your benefit. There are some companies out here that are automated and there is Leap21 who is personal. To sign up for a free consultation click here.
  2. Are credit repair services legitimate? Credit repair services are legitimate. Leap21 has Certified Credit Consultants. This means that we know that law and understand the loopholes in the system. Although there is no special certificates required for credit repair, you want someone who has a little bit more knowledge than you do and will understand the law of credit. We understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Federal Credit Repair Organizational Act. 
  3. How can I fix my credit myself? Follow these steps to begin repairing you credit:  Sign up for credit monitoring here.  This will give you all 3 reports and all 3 scores side by side. Circle anything that is negative on your report. Once you determine the negative items, you can start to prepare your letters to all 3 credit bureaus. After mailing out your letters, credit bureaus have 30 days to return their findings. REPEAT!  You may even need to contact your creditor to see what you can do to satisfy the debt.   Catch up on missing payments. 35% of your score is history. Use your income tax to pay down debt  and remain current from now on. Know the statue of limitations for debt in your state. Some items may be able come off because the length of time. Become responsible with credit card usage. I highly recommend the book Credit Repair Unleashed for a step by step guide on how to repair your personal credit. 
  4. How long will it take to repair my credit history? The length of time depends on how dedicated you are in the process. Whether you repair your credit on your own or hire Leap21 you  still have a responsibility to keep credit card usage low and don’t apply for any new credit. Give your self at least 6 months to a year before you apply. Although you may see changes in the first 30 days, lenders and creditors want to make sure you are on the right track before they extend a credit line.


After you get your personal credit in good standing, you can then apply for business credit to secure the funding that you need.

Business Funding. In order to qualify for business funding you must have the following criteria:

1. 720+ credit score across all 3 bureaus (700+ can sometimes work, it depends on the client)
2. No missed payments on any account in last 12 months
3. No Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, or Liens, ever. *Client may be considered if the event was
3+ years ago and client has good history and accounts since then.
4. At least 3 years personal credit history
5. At least $5,000 in major bank credit card Limits on Individual or Joint personal credit cards
6. Usage ratio of less than 30% of available personal credit Limits
7. Less than 5 inquiries on each credit bureau in the last 12 months. 

Please contact us to get started! 

Change your credit change your life! Please leave a comment below

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