How to Get Over It and Get Going: 5 Phrases to Change Your Future

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Let me be the first to say I am guilty of using my past experiences to hinder me from my future. Let me also say that… it stopped when I realized my future is far more important than my past. It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.
I know I know it sounds cliche but because it is and it’s true!
If you watch the sport of Track & Field I am particularly a fan of the relay race. The 4×4 relay race  is my favorite.
I used to run track in high school well over 20 years ago. The highlight of this event is what we call the “walk-down.” This occurs when the runner who is not in the lead could be second or last at the moment takes the lead and possibly wins the race.
It’s time to “walk-down” your life!
Let’s look at 5 ways to walk-down and win the race in your life! Here I list 5 phrases to change your future. I mean literally throw theses phrases  out your vocabulary.
  1. That’s the way I always did it. I hear this all to often. It’s time to change the way you always done it and find a new way! There is no way possible old ways can yield new results. If it didn’t work then it’s not going to work now. Even if it used to work and it stopped working… find a new way! The world is forever growing if you are not growing with the world you are stagnant. It’s time to grow! Replace” that’s the way I always did it” with “I need to find new ways to…please finish this statement. 
  2. I don’t have time. This used to be my favorite phrase. The truth is you have a lot of time. What you do with your time is another story. How much time to you spend watching TV? Browsing social media? Hanging out? Just doing nothing and then say the famous words “I’m bored.” There are 24 hours in a day. How do you break down your time? How can you more use out of your day? Replace “I don’t have time” with” how many hours do I need to …please finish this statement.
  3. I lose interest quick. Hell me too LOL! But if you have not met your goal be interested in trying to attain it. That’s why I’m a firm believer of short term goals for long term results. Short term goals are fun and more instant than a 6 month or 5 year goal. What’s your weekly goal? Be interested in what you want to accomplish. Learn something new, try new things. Replace “I lost interest quick” with “I am interested in learning….please finish this statement.
  4. I’m not making enough money. This is a good one. I know we expect to become a millionaire over night but in the real world that’s not the case. Trust your process. All great things take time to manifest. You can ask any athlete, actress, actor, blogger etc. Ask anyone who you consider famous what did it take and how long. I’m sure they would reply with consistency, dedication and commitment. Replace “I’m not making enough money” with “How can I make more money to… please finish this statement.
  5. I tried it and it doesn’t work. Remember processes are in place to guide you, but you have to find your way to get through it. Success is like a maze, I can show you the beginning to get started but how you get out is something you need to figure out. There is always more than 1 way to get out. Find your path. If you come to a dead end turn around and try another way. You will get out! Use this same approach to your business. There will be a lot of dead ends… but you can and will always get out of you stay committed to doing so. Replace” I tried and it didn’t work” with I tried it and now I can try….please finish this statement
The whole point of this is to get out your own way. Stop holding yourself back with the negatives and turn it into positives. Everything starts within including self-confidence or self-doubt. Once you finish these statement you will be able to see the positive in your situation. Changing these 5 phrases is a great way to start on your new success path. 
Now I need you to finish your statements!

3,243 thoughts on “How to Get Over It and Get Going: 5 Phrases to Change Your Future”

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