There could not be a more perfect time to build business credit, especially to purchase real estate. Everyone wants to know how to obtain business credit to buy real estate. Keep reading and you will find out. Establishing business credit early can not only protect your personal credit rating but can also give you access to massive amounts of credit.


Business lines of credit are eligible for new or established businesses. Your business can be the lifeline to use business credit to buy real estate and here’s why: Not using any money upfront to purchase property. 

Obtaining business credit is very essential for real estate investors. There are several ways you can obtain business lines of credit to buy real estate.  Leap21 Business Services  offers several packages for those ready to obtain business credit.

Ok so real estate, business lines of credit….. WHAT??? Let me explain a little bit more.

When you obtain business credit to buy real estate, your personal level of risk goes down. Once you obtain business lines of credit you can purchase property with 0% interest credit cards. Normally these cards are interest only for a year so you can use to fix and flip or hold the property for passive income. As a matter of fact, as long as you are smart with your business credit, you will be in a good position.

So, if you want to use a business line of credit to cover an investment purchase, you’ll probably need to stick with properties with lower asking prices. Great news for you, I have partnered with real estate investment companies that can get you started with real estate investing. Working with these real estate investors they already have properties waiting for you making your real estate experience a great one!

According to one couple, they stated that “Credit cards can be a cheaper way to go. For one thing, you don’t have to start paying interest until the bill is due, giving you a few weeks to float purchases for free…. using a balance transfer credit card if they need to carry the debt a little longer than expected. The best part about this is: Personal Credit is not impacted because it’s all in the business name! SAY WHAT!

That’s right, because your company stands on its own by creating a LLC or Corp you are totally separating your business from personal, I mean you are all about business…. Right?

Building Credit with Leap21 Business Services will you put on the right track to acquire real estate.



 How To Obtain Business Credit to Buy Real Estate

Business lines of credit are available from both traditional banks and online lenders. Obtaining business credit is very essential for real estate investors. Now…let’s look at the different ways to obtain business credit.

Emerald Package

This package for savvy real estate investors that would like to purchase 5X times more properties than they currently do. With the Emerald package you can obtain funding from $500,000 to $5Million to purchase multiple real estate investments. What makes this product unique is the ability to qualify one time to acquire multiple properties. To qualify for this package, you must have a personal credit score above 680 and must have purchased at least 1 property within 5 years. Contact Leap21 Business Services to for more information.  


Platinum Package

If you have a personal credit score above 680  and have a credit card limit over $5K you are eligible to receive up to $250K in Business Credit! The Funding process is 30 days and you don’t have to show income or financials. Contact Leap21 Business Services for a funding estimate to get started right away!  Any business can qualify for funding as long as your company is incorporated. LLCs can greatly decrease the risk of operating a business. Starting an LLC has a load of tax benefits. You can talk to your tax accountant about that!

Silver and Gold packages

Now, if you are below 680 Leap21 Business Services has several packages for you to obtain business credit and repair personal credit. These packages contain effective methods and strategies that can qualify your company for business funding. Although you start the credit building process right away, this program takes time to build. We build your business using EIN only. However, we also discover ways your personal credit score can rise quickly. To see what business programs you qualify for, contact Leap 21 Business Services.


What Now

Thought you would never ask!

Get on the calendar asap to make your appointment with  Leap21 Business Services  and see what you qualify for. Calendar fills up quickly. If you have any questions you can always email for a quick response.


When you take the time to establish solid business credit, you can pull it to access money. It is never too late to build business credit, as long as you are willing to take the right steps and act responsibly. Good business credit can  open the door to other financing options.  Having good business credit can also help you access the funds you need through your company’s name instead of your own. Get started building business credit.